-Our Story-

So after spending 12 years in London, running restaurants and food operations for some of the top chefs in England, we decided to return home and use our new found knowledge and skills to deliver a fresh, contemporary food concept to our fellow South Africans. Quicker than you can say 'Farmer Brown', Tasty Table was hatched......

As we are both absolutely nuts about quality produced food and product origin, we felt our restaurant time (over 40 years joined), was definitely over and our love affair with food had evolved into something remarkable. What better way to deliver our passion and quality than searching for exciting and innovative ways to take it directly  to the people.

Being chefs the creative juices are always running high so we developed Tasty Table – Exclusive Brands. Why exclusive brands?

The reason for this was simple. To create exciting food offers through a pop-up kitchen at private or corporate events, festivals, food markets, culinary demos and private chef hire for those special occasions you may have.

We can brand it like you need it! For example Salmon & Ceviche kitchen’, Burger & Rib shack, Tuna & Burger table, Rib & Oyster Hut. You get the picture..... Real punchy food that works well to offer great combinations that no competitors offer at such high quality, and all available at your event or special occasion.

We hope to see you at one of our current markets or follow us on social media and give us some feedback.

Through quality and passion we like to exceed your expectations